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New Hope Church


Welcome to New Hope Church! Our quiet country church is located in rural Hayti, SD. New Hope continues to boast a healthy congregation as it has since 1880 when the church was founded by local Norwegian settlers.

Pastor Randy Eisenbiez serves two congregations, New Hope in rural Hayti, and Hayti Lutheran Church located in the town of Hayti. Services may vary slightly but the sermon is the same. Please join us!

Service Time for September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022:

10:30 A.M.


New Hope Map
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135th Memory Share

New Hope Church History Books Are  Done!

There are still copies of the New Hope history book available! History books can be purchased from Gail Roe.


Several dedicated parishioners worked diligently for over a year to compile this extensive and fully comprehensive history of New Hope Church. You will be surprised about what you didn't know and glad to remember what you do know.  

New Hope's 135th Anniversary Celebration

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